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Sundays 2-4pm.  Feb.10th-Mar.31st.

For some of you, you have taken an introductory class to Divine Love. This is the in-depth 8 week course where we will go much deeper and cover more material. 

  • Taking the material in the Divine Love Class to another level.  
  • Applying more supplemental techniques and exercises.  
  • Expanding our awareness with understanding of the Chakra system and Universal Laws.
  • Practicing the concepts to support your life, family & business

In life we get distracted, we loose balance, and fall into our social patterns and programming. This class shows us how to identify the primary red flag to support us to stay in a place of choice. The skills give a toolkit to use when emotions become too much or when we may not be speaking from our heart. Channelling our highest good is vitally important to navigate this confusing world. Techniques and basic concepts taught by EmilySpirit will ensure a self-re-training that works on even the most stubborn patterns. The re-training is soft and nurturing, aiding in healing and accelerating spiritual growth. Patterns from our basic belief systems have been haunting our culture for a very long time and now is the time to get out of the way of the healing that is occurring. Trusting this process is often difficult, and this class will identify the key to freedom of the patterns, programs, delusions and distractions. Empower yourself from the core, permanently!

Identify and apply tangible life skills that accelerate spiritual growth. Skills reviewed will be presented and exercised, such as: discernment, resistance, protection, sacred space, emotional processing, oneness, compassion and the divine love path.

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Mindfulness Mondays at Sacred Energy in Murray

2nd Monday of the Month  6pm  $11ea

Easy techniques, tools and practical skills for success for every human being.

Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

261 E. 4500 S.  Murray, Uta 84107


Call/text Emily at 801.512.5319 for more info, or check out the Mindfulness Tools page for the pdf and audio files.

Mindfulness Tools

Monday classes at Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

MORE CLASSES on Mondays, like native hoop drum, vocal toning and transformational processing.  Experience sound and vibration like you've never had and process your 'stuff' with ease!  Join Emily, the creator of the Mindfulness Tools to experience her amazing talents!

Find out more at EmilySpirit.com

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