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A community group started by EmilySpirit & friends.

The purpose of the group is to enlighten, share and give opportunity to the community in becoming more aware of one's self and one's spiritual potential. The awareness to the bridge or connection of our consciousness to our life and each other.  We envision connecting with people in many settings through classes, workshops and more.  Schools, offices, homes, land and treatment centers can integrate our skills to nurture, comfort and heal our community.  If you or your organization is interested in what Conscious Connection can create for you please contact us today!

About Emily



Born a natural empath, hypersensitive and medium, my awareness of the unseen worlds has taken me halfway around the world and back again. A collection of teachings and experiences has paved a permanent path to my truest self. The philosophies and techniques that I use are divinely created from my travels and experiences, providing a multi-layered menu of services. I love to teach what I’ve learned and am passionate about self-empowerment. Translation of light and energy is shared through symbology, vocal toning, color and crystal therapies. I specialize in reading energy at its core to reveal the ‘real story’ of illness and illuminate an authentic view of our soul. Ceremony is my purpose, in everything. Intuitive knowing is within each of us. Giving language and tools to navigate our world brings us all to a higher awareness, out of suffering and pain. If you desire change and would like to work with me, I’d be honored to meet you.

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Conscious Connection

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