Intuitive Services

Property Readings

EmilySpirit and Stephanie Barber work as a complimentary team in identifying energetic qualities of a property.  The earth's natural flows, the influences of water, minerals and history of the land give useful information to the property owner.  Techniques of Feng Shui, energy grids, and mediumship all have a role in painting a thorough picture.  The information from a reading gives the property owner answers to questions, assurances in comfort, and the release of blockages that can be affecting peace, abundance, sleep, clarity and success.

Whether the property be a single family residence, a public park or a shopping center the Conscious Connection is your team of specialists to give you insight and solutions to energetic phenomenons.

Energy Healing

We happily provide energy assistance to help bring you balance and clarity. We offer many modalities, such as Reiki, Sound Therapy, and Chakra work. 


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